Dining Tables, Kitchen Tables, Farm Tables
& Huntboards

Formal Dining Room with a Double Pedestal Queen Anne Table

Simply Elegant… Queen Anne Dining Tables

Of all the classical styles of furniture, none is reproduced more than the Queen Anne style. Though Queen Anne furniture is mostly found in the U.S. and in England, its popularity is growing in France, Italy and Spain. Its design and character radiate perennial appeal and its value compounds. Owning a quality piece of Queen Anne furniture is a continuous rebirth of pleasure… and that pleasure awaits you on the following pages.

Elegant Simplicity… Kitchen Tables, Farm Tables
& Huntboards

Looking for something a little less formal? We have a variety of farm tables, kitchen tables and hunt boards all crafted precisely as they were 200 years ago – some with actual 200-year-old boards. Our authentic Shaker tables, Irish hunt boards, Porringer tables and tavern tables are created from such choice woods as Cherry and Tiger Maple and they’re finished in warm and welcoming hues.

In 18th century writings, a “board” was a surface such as a dining table… hence the terms “cup-board” and “side board” which we still use today. A term not often heard these days is the “company board.” Our tables can be extended using a unique extension called a company board without compromising their original one-piece design (see photo, below) so that you can accommodate guests, planned or otherwise.

Company Board