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Writing Windsor Chair

The Write Stuff – A Windsor Writing Chair

In a book we've often enjoyed entitled The Story of American Furniture, there is a photograph of a Windsor chair that looks very much like the Windsor shown above. The photo is captioned "The cradle of the Declaration of Independence." The writing chair in the photo belonged to none other than Thomas Jefferson. It's estimated that the chair was made in 1760 with repairs and reconstruction as late as 1810.

While Jefferson is most often regarded as a statesman, he was also an architect and engineer of considerable ability. It isn't clear if he built the original Windsor chair himself or if he simply commissioned it from one of his own designs. Quite clear, however, is that Thomas Jefferson saw that even furniture could be a wonderful blend of functional creativity and artistic refinement. Enjoy the artistic refinement of our selection of Windsors, Chippendales, Queen Annes, and writing chairs, benches and love seats on the following pages.