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The James Dew & Sons Showroom in Guilford, CT

The James Dew & Sons Showroom in Guilford, CT

Dear Gentle Customer

This web site is our online catalog of Windsor chairs and early American antique reproduction furniture. It is a treasury of furniture, furniture facts, and tales of early American life. It is also a measure of our passion for early American furniture and antique reproduction furniture. Amongst these pages, we hope to bring you to a time when the furniture craftsman's mallet could be heard amid the clatter of a horse and wagon. We'd like to show you replicas of beds where our nation's fathers may have rested to dream of a new democracy. And, of course, we'll boast a bit about the quality of our handcrafted furniture. We hope you won't mind.

What is James Dew & Sons? After all, we could be a slick marketing company or a huge furniture factory, though happily we are neither. Our furniture shop is a small, family owned and operated early American furniture showroom. The chairs and tables, cupboards, dressers, chests, beds, and all of the furniture found on the pages of this web site are handcrafted exactly as they were handcrafted two hundred years ago – rendered to the measure and of the materials in use back then and finished softly as if by Time himself. Each piece of antique reproduction furniture is completely handmade and signed.

Though we ourselves build some of the furniture that we sell, we have spent years finding craftsmen who meet our highest standards. Joinery details like mortise and tendon… and dovetail… these are the reasons why the furniture sold on these pages will be antiques 200 years from now.

Our finishes are our crowning achievement in capturing the skills of the fine furniture craftsmen who came before us. We look for the spirit of the 18th century furniture makers in every antique reproduction that we sell. We think you'll find that their spirit lives on in every piece. For us, preserving that spirit is as essential as faithfully reproducing fine handcrafted furniture from early America.

We welcome you to these pages. Let your imagination be your guide. We also invite you to visit us in our showroom in historic Guilford, Connecticut. If we can answer any questions you might have about the quality and finish of our reproduction antiques, please don't hesitate to call us at 800-272-4546.

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